Collection: Houston Llew Spirittiles

Houston Llew “SPIRITILES” are collectors series art pieces that comes to us from accomplished enameling artist Houston Llew out of Charleston, SC.  Each piece is a unique combination of glass fired to copper.  The glass is meticulously placed on the copper in a powder form to create the image and then each piece is individually kiln fired.  While still hot, the copper is shaped around the edges of a heavy wood block thus creating this “book like” piece that is designed to either sit on a shelf or hang on a wall with a keyhole in the back.  All of Houston’s pieces are quote based with the Author’s name on the top of the tile and the quote starting up one side and finishing down the other .. making this a very three dimensional piece of art.  What makes the Spiritiles so meaningful are the combinations that Houston comes up with of images and quotes.  He says,


“What pushes me forward is the uplifting thoughts and musings. This is the cornerstone of my work- creating art that uplifts, and brings a hopeful connection to life.”


There are about 75 different tiles in the collection at any time.  Each year Houston retires a few tiles and introduces a few .. therein creating the “collectors series”.  Please enjoy shopping the series here and/or in the store.  We look forward to helping you with your purchase of a Spiritile.


Houston Llew Spirittiles