Prairie Dance

How it all started....

While on vacation a friend and I were attracted to  sculptures fashioned from aged metal. Our husbands, not relishing the idea of transporting the art home, responded “Well, we can do that.”

I took the men up on their claim and committed to a local arts festival a few months away. True to their word, they were able to help craft my garden designs. Days before the festival, my sculptures were built, but my experiments to age the metal had failed. Ahhh!

One last attempt.....Tired, hot and frustrated I applied a solution of vinegar and water to the sculptures and walked away. Overnight, a combination of elements imparted a patina more unique than any I had seen. Others found it appealing too!

The arts festival opened at 9 am- by 9:15 am we had sold out of several designs. Prairie Dance was on its way!

About Prairie Dance Products....

Prairie Dance Products are made from brushed or patina steel -- perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. The patina effect is made through a simple eco-friendly process that produces unique rusting patterns. Each piece has its own characteristics, therefore rusting in its own special way. No two pieces will ever be the same!