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 "After moving to the West over a decade ago, I have become captivated by the landscape, animals and history that abound here. My artwork is how I engage with this awe-inspiring land. My aim is to capture some of the West's spirit, strength and grace to share with others.  

A lot of my work is about trying to balance opposing forces. Traditional subject matter presented in a modern way; offsetting realistic handling of form with big, loose blocks of values and shapes; balancing realism with abstraction.”  David Frederick riley


David has a BFA and MFA in Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award.  After working for more than fifteen years as an illustrator and instructor, David now works full time as a gallery artist.  He lives in Midway, Utah with his wife Nealy and two children Cameron and Ellison.

David Fredrick Riley Prints

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